Ken Owens Memorial Soccer Jamboree
Non-Profit Organization

Mission Statement:

The Kenneth R. Owens Memorial fund has been established by the family to celebrate the inspirational and short life of Kenneth R. Owens.  The memorial fund serves to honor Ken’s memory by giving back to the local community and sports activities that he loved.  The memorial fund has two purposes.  The first is to fund and award an annual college scholarship to a Chatham High School senior athlete that best personify the athletic, academic and leadership qualities that Ken exhibited throughout his life.  The second is to create and/or fund to improve the quality of youth soccer in Chatham/Hawaii.  Our goal is to make the organization as unique as the man who forever changed our live.   Please print out this page or click here to download a printable PDF file.


__MVP: $1000 __AllStar: $500+ __101%: $250+ __Coach's Award: $100+

__Friend's of the KK: $50+ __: KK Sponsor $25+ __Raffle Donation:

* All donations will be in our program book and website.

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Please mail donations to:

Ken Owens Memorial Soccer Jamboree, PO Box 1536 West Chatham, MA 02669.